Fosters Farm

3rd generation farmer, Rex, wife Vicki, farmer son Matthew, Daughter-in-law Rhianna, grandson Phoenix, farmer son Daniel and Daughter-in-law Jana, Daughter Stacey and almost son-in-law Carl and the events that shape our lives, both past and present.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Almost home ....

A healthy dose of retail therapy and a bit of family time, then out for a pleasant meal this evening. Not a bad day - oh, Rex delivered a new computer to a "wudinna-ite" recently moved to the BIG SMOKE for study so quite a lot achieved.
This is my 2nd attempt to post this evening - the 1st one is somewhere in cyberspace! I wonder how many more of them there are out there?
A very big couple of weeks ahead, then over to Victoria for some parties, visiting with friends and family and some business en route through Adelaide.
Rex & I rarely get away from the farm much, however things appear to be changing. With both boys home farming with us now, we have already managed 3 trips to Adelaide this year - and I had 12 days in W.A. as well.
It will be good to touch base and catch up with the kids, although with technology it is not so hard to keep up anymore.
Till we land at Bryants Plain m- au revoir for now.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Saturday morning, still in transit .....

Hello to all you Bloggers, I'm Vicki's husband, Rex, the poorer disadvantaged third of this relationship. ( the other two thirds being my dearest Vicki and her two dogs Tim & Tam).
Dr Foster - alias the Blot.
Well, for all the kind people who have visited my 'empty' blogsite and left lovely encouraging comments - THANKYOU.
I am quite a literate person, it's just that I am in transit across the country and finding the time and opportunity to sit and begin my blogging journey has been quite challenging.
My Brother, Marcus set me up for all this by establishing my site just as I was leaving his home in country WA on Wednesday 8th February. It is now the 11th and I am still not back home, so am doing a quick entry to say hi.
I promise that I will be worth another visit to in the not too distant future, so please stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Fosters Farm

Fosters Farm
G'day Dad
If you are as we suspect the first visitor to Fosters farm, welcome. If you're not (either first, or my Dad) welcome anyway but you caused me to lose my bet.
No promises as to how regular my posting will be, depends on time energy and health, but I'm hoping to get into blogging so I don't get left behind by the rest of the family.

Feb 8 2006, a big day in history

Look out world/blogosphere, the Fosters Farm blog has arrived. The main author will be Vicki, my sister, but for now I'm providing coaching and technical assistance.